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Snuggie is a company that manufactures blankets with sleeves. This innovative product permits each person the flexibility to stay warm without being bound to their beds. With this item one now has the capacity to deter stress associated with high electrical bills throughout the coldest seasons of the year. Everyone can resume their normal activities throughout the home in patterns, colors or cartoon caricatures that captures their personalities. They are the perfect ensemble for everyone in the entire family as they are comfortable, fashionable and cost effective.

Snuggie  is ahead of its time by creating a simple, yet effective means of adding extra comfort to the lives of the most common family pet (dog). Consumers who really want quality merchandise that will help knock the chill off of their pet during the winter months should explore Snuggie for Dogs. They offer four different sizes and two colors to choose from. It’s a solution for those who want to steer clear of compromising their pets exercise regimen due to harsh weather conditions.

Snuggie offers the following merchandise categories:

Snuggie: What makes it different?

Snuggie has taken something very old and given it a new life. The blanket has been around since the beginning of time and the 'throw blanket' idea has been a popular instrument to those who simply like the convenience of being able to take their blankets on the go. Now with Snuggie, a blanket can be worn directly on the body and during a number of indoor and outdoor activities.

Snuggie uses fleece which is manufactured with the help of advanced technology that combines polyester fibers that are created from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycolic. In layman's terms, they are both made from petroleum or at times extracted from recycled soda bottles and other types of plastic. The materials are stretched and twisted into yarn and is woven into fabric. Fleece is water resistant and dries very quickly; an additional incentive for savings when utilizing washing machines and dryers.

Snuggie offers the following additional benefits:

Snuggie vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Snuggie)

Forever Lazy and The Slanket have formulated their own unique line of the wearable blanket. They are also online establishments that have captured the attention of consumers that have become captivated by the opportunities the traveling blanket has to offer. 

Forever Lazy manufactures what they call 'fleece lounge wear'. Instead of the robe shape their units are jumpsuits that offer a number of convenient features. Their is a hood that can be drawn closed for additional warmth and over size pockets. There are also zippers in the front and back to help make relieving yourself a seamless transition. Matching booties are not apart of standard orders but can be purchased separately. They have three colors blue, pink and grey and offers sizes that support the needs of families that fall within the range of XS - XL.

The Slanket offers a very similar product to the Snuggie. They place an emphasis on the over sized sleeves and 100% Polyester material for a super soft texture. They also claim that their material is resistant to bubbling (so no worries about those annoying balls showing up after washing). The product is shaped like the robe a judge would wear in a court of law. Their colors are majestic and they separate their products into category options like travel, original, Kids and Siamese. This establishment also offers a throw that can be folded into a comfy pillow or stretched out into a blanket.


Some believe that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery there is. That being said, Snuggie is the originator of this product and appears to have inspired other business minded persons to carve out a piece of this market for themselves.


Snuggie provides just the one shape for all which might be a bit challenging for those who want a more snug fit. Forever lazy appears to be onto to something that will even appeal to the most with extremely masculine taste. Fact is there are just some people that might show resistance to wearing a dress like ensemble in public.

Snuggie: Pricing & packages


  • Snuggie '4' Kids Camouflage fits up to 5ft tall (Bonus Free slipper socks) $14.99
  • Snuggies Adults Peace Print Ensemble (fits up to 71in x 54 in) $14.99
  • Snugglies Original Buy one Get one Free (Burgundy, Royal Blue, Sage Green) $19.95 + P&H
  • Snuggie for Dogs Buy one get one free (Bonus offer available now) $14.95 + P&H

Forever Lazy:

  • Buy one Lounge Wear Fleece and get one free $29.95
  • Has a special for free footsies at this time, just simply pay additional P&H of $7.95
  • Orders outside the US must pay an additional $10.00 and allow for up to six weeks for delivery.
  • Refunds available after 30 days minus the P&H charges

The Slanket:

  • Slanket Original Size:60"W x 95"L $29.99
  • Slanket Travel Size:58"W x 66"L $19.99
  • Slanket Siamese Size:120"W x 95"L $39.99
  • Slanket Kids Size:44"W x 66"L $19.99

Snuggie and Forever Lazy have great specials they run to help reduce costs. The Slanket appears to be set in their pricing strategies, but this is not to say they do not have seasonal sales and other discount offers throughout the year.

Snuggie: Product images & screenshots
Snuggie Coupons
Snuggie: Customer reviews & comments

Snuggie has been offering merchandise that has been well received by its consumers. Because they specialize in creating warmth in the convenience of a blanket that can be worn, a good number of individuals have experienced a more comfortable and cost effective lifestyle. Below are some of the testimonials left by consumers that appreciate their manufacturing efforts:

" The Alabama Snuggie is a terrific way to commemorate our undefeated season, while keeping my BAMA body warm and my hands free for the remote -- 'cause I'm watching those brilliant plays over and over!! I’m just too snug and smug! " Read more

" There you sit in front of your TV, room temperature a bit lower than it would otherwise be, a few cents saved on the electric bill, cheering the (UNC) Heels, passing the popcorn, cozy. Colorful. Then you stand up to get something, or to respond to the command to "JUMP AROUND!" or perhaps to cheer an amazing 3-pointer, and the Snuggie's back opens with all the charm of a hospital gown and the draft up your backside, even your clothed backside, causes you to emit an extra-enthusiastic "Whooooop!"  
What an asset this item is to school spirit. " Read more

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